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Sharpening the sensitivity with the nature



"I've never seen a florist like her." People who met her tell one after another. She is called ‘Yukie Noda’, who works at the flower shop Hana no En in Koga, Shiga Prefecture. Yukie was a contemporary artist, who mainly works on paintings such as pencil drawings. Since few years ago, she has been working as a florist, back in her family business, and continuing to create artworks by using flowers and plants beside her florist job. Some floral specialists describe her way of flower arrangement is very special, and the style attracted (THISIS)SHIZEN as its essential part in order to launch the store. Its because there are voices or expression from plants that she can only understand, nobody is able to easily copy her unique style. Yukie Noda, who spends time in harmony with nature of Shiga — what is her perspective of nature?


The more you notice small changes
The better capturing nature as a shape

I was born and raised in Shiga Prefecture, and lived my childhood in nature, so I never came to think of nature itself. If I try to think about it now ... When I used to do drawing, there was a time when I specifically concentrated on landscape painting. I had been watching the same scenery every single day for three hours. For example, even on a very hot summer day, I tried to keep observing the forest, which was in direct sunlight and backlit. There are several places where I feel like I belong to, and eventually I became to see the nature as a shape while noticing small change in nature, like “Oh, that tree is dying”. Those days might be the peak that I have been living as if I ampart of nature. I was trying if I could express myself by draw the same scenery continuously. It is like ‘Zazen’.

— As far as I hear your story, you seems to perceive the nature by letting yourself flow into the them without switching your mindset. Is that the reason why you become to notice a lot of things in the nature?


Giving own shape into the sensational moment

I have been having drawing class for disabled people every month for about 17 years, and most of their creation are not really organised. This is my inspiration for over many years. Once I held a group exhibition with them,  one of my student collected the plastic and straw trash to his room, and started to make "Rocket" and "vacuum cleaners" using cellophane tape. I was impressed by how quickly he was able to immerse his sensitivity into the creation. Just like him, I wish to utilize this sensation into my artwork while I am taking a walk in the wild mountain and got inspired from nature.

“Straw and triangle branch” (Material: Straw, Hemp stem, Eurya japonica branch, Pear tree branch, string)
Firstly, I started from combining different kind of branches into triangle, then I combined straw into joint then made it into triangle pyramid. It finished naturally until this point. 

“Weaving between cotton” (Material: cotton, pampas grass, string)
The winter branch of cotton has beautiful corkscrew shaped wing, and I made imperfect circle by just combing the branch together. Gradually, I added some branches and stitch.

— What do you imagine to create collaborating with (THISIS)SHIZEN?

I have no idea (because it's not opened yet). For now, I think I will get an inspiration once I actually visit the store then I finally can come up with new ideas.

Photography by Kohei Yamamoto


Hana no en
The flower shop mainly focuses on flowers from mountain. Hana no en creates landscape with plants by adding an extra touch on scene to scene. 
Florist: Sachie Noda 
Born in 1978, Shiga. She has started painting since 1999, afterwards she has started to join the flower shop “Hana no en” which is her family business. 
Currently, she works on personal artwork using plants and trees, Ikebana, and spatial design besides the work as flower shop.



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